Black Creek River Ranch

"Native South Texas Hunting"

Native South Texas Hunting

Axis Hunts

Axis deer (Cervus axix), a spotted deer native to India, are free ranging in the Texas Hill Country. Axis deer are flighty herd animals that always make for an exciting hunt due to their wariness. The best time to hunt axis deer is May through late September when bucks are hard horned and less likely to have broken antlers. Although, axis bucks can be found throughout the year in rut and with hard antlers unlike white-tailed deer, who have a set breeding and shedding pattern every year.

The Texas Hill Country provides ideal habitat to harvest a trophy axis deer. Our hunts are all free ranging located right outside of Barksdale, TX. Blind hunting, spot and stalk, or bow hunting is accepted. The type of hunt conducted is decided by the hunter.

                         Axis Hunt Prices
                           Axis Buck up to 34"                  $2,000
                           axis buck over 34"                   $2,500
                           Axis Doe                  $400
                           Skinning/Quartering                 $40
                           Lodging             $75/night
                           Guide Fee              $125/day

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